Michael Shannon Addresses If He Would Return As Zod In DC's Supergirl Movie

The DC movie franchises has seen a lot of controversy when it comes to casting major franchise [...]

Michael Shannon Talks Returning as General Zod Supergirl Movie

The DC movie franchises has seen a lot of controversy when it comes to casting major franchise villains. No one needs to be reminded how the Internet caught fire when Jesse Eisenberg was cast as Lex Luthor, or Jared Leto was cast as The Joker - however, one DC villain casting has certainly risen above the others: Michael Shannon's General Zod. Though the character perished at the end of the film (spoiler from 2013), there is an opportunity for Zod to possibly show up in DC's Supergirl movie that was once rumored to start production this year. Michael Shannon was asked directly if he'd return as Zod, and had an interesting answer to give.

Here's what Michael Shannon told Gold Coast Bulletin about the idea of returning as Zod in DC's Supergirl movie:

"Wow, that's interesting," Shannon said. "I swear to God, I am not kidding – you are breaking this news to me. I will have to look into that. Zod again? I don't know – it's been a while. I am a little older and creakier now – I'm not sure I could do all the moves.

"Also, I have to say in complete and utter seriousness that I just loved working with Zack Snyder and that was a big part of it for me. I don't know who's making this Supergirl movie but I really treasure that experience with Zack. He's a hell of a guy."

To be fair, Shannon has a point about getting older and trying to portray a character like General Zod in a major superhero blockbuster. If you look back at the footage of the final battle between Henry Cavill's Superman and Shannon's General Zod, the two actors had to spend quite a bit of time harnesses and wire riggings, in order depict a true Kryptonian slugfest in live-action. Granted, film technology has come a long way since that time, but still, it's understandable if Michael Shannon wanted to move on to other, less physically demanding roles.

Of course, that might not even be an issue, depending on how Warner Bros. and DC approached the Supergirl movie's story. Kara Zor-El was already introduced to the DC Snyderverse Shannon's Zod comes from, as part of the official Man of Steel prequel comic book. In fact, the 'Fortress of Solitude' that Cavill's Superman used was revealed to be his cousin's ship.

Obviously, the Snyderverse design has been stripped away from the DC movie franchise (more reason Shannon might not return). All the same, seeing him back as Zod would be a great Easter egg thrill.