Patton Oswalt And His Daughter Dress As DC Comics Characters For Halloween

It's Halloween, and Patton Oswalt is celebrating the holiday with two amazing father-daughter costumes. The comedian and actor shared pictures of himself and his daughter dressed up as a pair of DC Comics characters from Teen Titans.

Oswalt and his daughter Alice will be spending their day dressed as Raven and Trigon from Teen Titans. The actor told his followers, "Alice wanted to be Raven for Halloween. Designed and sewed her own costume."

Alice then went so far as to demand her father "be Raven's dad." So, naturally, Oswalt was powerless to deny his daughter's request. The actor can be seen wearing a rudimentary costume of Trigon which features a foam headpiece and loose onesie. Alice is also seen wearing Raven's iconic purple cape and cropped hair.

Rather than squad goals, this father-daughter duo is our 'spook goals' of the month. Their do-it-yourself costumes are adorable and more than enough to make fans geek out. After all, Teen Titans is one of the most popular animated series from DC Entertainment.

However, it is a bit odd to see Raven and Trigon getting along so well in Oswalt's photo. In the show, Trigon is the main villain of Season 4 and is considered to be the most powerful baddie in the series. The demonic being is Raven's father, and Teen Titans constantly pitted them against one another.

It is nice to see the father and daughter doing well. As many know, the family was rocked earlier this year when Oswalt's wife passed away. Michelle McNamara died suddenly on April 22nd, leaving Oswalt and their daughter behind.

Oswalt spoke to The New York Times about the ordeal and described how difficult this year has been. The actor said he's been attending counseling and rereading novels by C.S. Lewis and Stephen King to distract his thoughts. He also said he's turned to drinking at times to ease his pain. "I found out the hard way these past few months that alcohol really doesn't help," Oswalt said.

The actor also said he's trying to keep his wife's memory alive for their daughter. The pair write down three things they remember about McNamara every day as it "keeps a living portrait of her."

This Halloween will mark the first the family has had without McNamara. The holiday will be a bittersweet one, so it is touching to see Oswalt and his daughter connecting in spite of this year's earlier tragedy.

Now that Halloween is in full swing, fans can expect to see plenty of other celebrities share pictures of their costumes. Victoria Secret's Alessandra Ambrosio wowed attendees at the Casamigos Tequila Halloween Party with her curvaceous Jessica Rabbit costume.


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