Slipknot's Backstory Was Cut From Suicide Squad

The opening introductions of the Suicide Squad feature individual spotlights on characters like [...]

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The opening introductions of the Suicide Squad feature individual spotlights on characters like Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and Captain Boomerang, but at one point they also featured one additional squad member.

Spoilers from here on out.

As you may well know, a certain member of the squad is introduced after the fact and isn't in the film for very long. On a recent episode of The Empire Film podcast, Director David Ayer reveals that they actually did shoot some additional material for Slipknot, including an introduction sequence, but in the interest of time and overcrowding, decided against putting it in the final theatrical cut of the film.

"Yeah we shot one, but after a point it became overloaded, ya know, so you have to cull and pick and choose your battles, and Slipknot gets his head blown off pretty quick, so ya know, I made a commitment early on not to try and create some kind of misdirect because when you have that many characters every frame of real estate is priceless, and I didn't want to invest in that real estate to create some misdirect because after opening night everyone knows he dies anyway."

Ayer was then asked if the cut segment involved strangling, as previous chats with Slipknot actor Adam Beach revealed he had invested some training in the skill set during filming.

"Ya know, that might be more about his sort of personal journey to getting into the character more than anything, but I guess it does make sense if it's a rope guy. I could see where he could make those connections."

Suicide Squad is in the second week of release and is currently sitting at a worldwide total just above $383 million.

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