'Smallville' Almost Had A Green Arrow, Lois Lane Spin-Off

Smallville might have started as a Superman-centric show, but that doesn’t mean it stayed that way. When Justin Hartley brought Oliver Queen to the series in season six, fans were ecstatic. And, if the actor is correct, then audiences almost got a full spin-off staring the hero and... Lois Lane?

Recently, fans learned all about the proposed spin-off when Hartley appeared on a podcast run by his former co-star Michael Rosenbaum (Lex Luthor). It was there the Green Arrow actor said plans had been made to give the archer his own show.

“While I was on the show, while I was on Smallville, there were several different spinoff ideas that they had. They wanted to do a spinoff called Metropolis or something like that, I heard whispers of that. It was Lois and Oliver in Metropolis and whatever that was. They were trying to extend the life of the show,” the actor said (via Screen Rant).

For fans, the spin-off may sound like an odd one, but there was a period of time where such a pitch made total sense. When Smallville introduced Oliver in season six, he found himself in a rocky romance with Lois that was off more than on. That unstable relationship broke off by season eight, so their love didn’t last. As fans know, Oliver went on to marry Chloe Sullivan while Lois ended up with Clark Kent as expected. So, this Smallville spin-off might have worked out when the couple was still together.


According to Hartley, the idea of Metropolis housing this spin-off is a rather interesting one given some recent news. Warner Bros. confirmed it’s working on a show titled Metropolis right now and will focus on Lois along with Lex Luthor. As a comparison, this new show seems to be a Superman-take on how Gotham dove into Batman’s origins. Rather than extending the life of an existing show, this go at Metropolis will be a self-contained series, but fans can’t help but wonder if the Green Arrow will pop into the city for a cameo.

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