'Supergirl' Adds 'Almost Human' Alum in Recurring Role

Supergirl has recruited Almost Human and Witches of East End veteran Anthony Konechny to play a [...]

Supergirl has recruited Almost Human and Witches of East End veteran Anthony Konechny to play a recurring role on the show's upcoming fourth season, Deadline reports.

According to the report, Konechny will play Agent Jensen, a DEO agent recruited by Alex (Chyler Leigh) who struggles to find his footing at the DEO. His character will be introduced in the season premiere on Sunday, October 14.

Given that bio, it would not be hard to imagine him turning against the DEO, especially since Agent Liberty as the leader of a human supremacy group sounds like the setup for a season-long spy-vs-spy between his group and the DEO itself. That would track with a "more topical" season four, as has been teased in interviews.

That said, the notion of an agent grappling with his identity and a charismatic hate-monger leading an opposing group does not necessarily mean Jensen will end up on the side of the bad guys. Thematically, it might make more sense to redeem him, as they did last season with Reign.

"The writers' room is being really great this year," Benoist said during a recent interview. "Last season, it was a lot of fire and brimstone and a lot of homages to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was great because I was such a big fan of that show. This season they really want to thematically tackle more topical stories that maybe mirror what's going on with the state of the world and our country. There's a lot of anti-alien sentiment at the beginning of Season 4 that Supergirl is going to have to grapple with. I think their main premise is that fear itself is a villain, and can hope conquer it? Supergirl stands for hope, so we'll see. I think fear is her biggest opponent yet because it's more of a wildfire-type emotion."

There are a number of DC characters named Jensen, and while none of them seems like a 1:1 fit, one of the potential candidates for a reinvention could be Maxwell Jensen, who became the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths Superman villain known as the Parasite. Rudy Jones, the post-Crisis Parasite, has appeared (and died) in Supergirl before, which might make this "Jensen" either more or less likely to appear, depending on what the writers have in mind. There was also a short-lived Justice Society villain called Pestilence whose name was Jensen, although having Pestilence come right after Pestilence (the Worldkiller) was a major villain last year would be weird.

The fourth season of Supergirl will debut on Sunday, October 14th, at 8/7c on The CW.