'Supergirl' Star Reveals Most Of "Sanvers" Scenes Never Made It to TV

The relationship between Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) on The CW's Supergirl is still a fan favorite ship despite the couple breaking up during this season's episode "Damage". Now, it sounds like there was a lot more to the "Sanvers" relationship that fans never got to see.

Speaking at a panel at ClexaCon in Las Vegas this weekend, when a fan asked what scene between Alex and Maggie Leigh would have liked to have seen that didn't make it to air, the Supergirl star didn't hesitate to reveal that there were a lot of them -- three quarters of what was filmed to be exact.

"About three-quarters of the scenes that we filmed," Leigh said. "There are a lot of very specific scenes that I wish that everybody could have seen because you work really damn hard in this business on a lot of stuff but specifically for this relationship that I wish could have been seen."

Leigh went onto explain that there were specifically things she would have liked to have seen shown, but that over all there was probably enough footage for an entire Sanvers episode.

"I wish that we would have had more kisses," Leigh said. "There was a lot. I bet we probably could have filmed about an entire episode's worth."

For fans of the pairing the knowledge that there were scenes that were never aired is will certainly be difficult to take. When news broke last year that Lima would be leaving Supergirl and even more so when the Sanvers relationship came to an end on the series, fans were heartbroken by turn of events. It's a heartbreak that Leigh herself felt the weight of. She told ComicBook.com during a visit to the set of The CW series last year that she wanted to make sure fans knew that despite the relationship's end, the story would continue.

"I've kind of, sorta been avoiding social media today, only because I'm still trying to figure out how to really answer this for a lot of fans that I know personally, and that I've come across that might not totally understand it," Leighs at the time. "And I want to make sure that people know that regardless they're loved and that they matter and that the story that they have to tell is just as important as the story we told on the show and that that continues for them as well. Nothing ends tonight. And that's the biggest thing that I've been so worried about, is that I don't want people to think that this is the end of something really, really significant and important. It is really just the beginning in a lot of ways. I hope that people can really latch onto that and hang onto that."


Supergirl will return Monday, April 16th at 8/7c on The CW.

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