'Supergirl' Recap With Spoilers: "Schott Through the Heart"

'Schott Through The Heart' starts as Kara is speaking with the rest of Team Supergirl. She's [...]

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"Schott Through The Heart" starts as Kara is speaking with the rest of Team Supergirl. She's giving them a pep talk before we find out it's a joke, she's trying to get them hyped up for karaoke night.

James and Mon-El are talking at the bar. Mon-El asks whether James is seeing anybody, who plays dumb and brushes the question off.

Alex convinces J'onn and his father to host a house-warming party.

Winn heads to the stage and is about to sing his song when a news report comes across the TV that reveals that Winslow Schott Sr. — the Toyman — was found dead in his jail cell.

The team gathers at Winn's father's funeral. Winn's mom shows up, and she and Winn begin arguing. We find out they're estranged and haven't seen each other in a while. Kara hears a "jack in the box" sound and realizes that Winn's dad rigged his casket with a bomb.

The team returns to the DEO, and Kara questions Winn on whether his father's actually dead. Winn tells the team that he double and tripled checked with more than one medical examiner.

J'onn orders a further analysis on the explosive residue to see if somebody had been working with Winn's dad.

Mon-El finally gets a chance to speak with Kara. He pulls her aside and tells Kara that Imra and Brainiac 5 lied to him about the Legion's real mission.

Winn's mom pulls him aside to speak to him. Winn's mom reveals that the reason she went 20 years without talking to Winn was that Winn's father threatened their lives if she were to speak with her son. Winn doesn't believe her story. Their talk is interrupted when there's a commotion outside.

The group looks out the window to see flying monkey toys outside spelling a message that reads "SURRENDER MARY."

The monkeys then break the window and enter the DEO and chaos ensues. Kara begins pursuing the largest monkey, eventually able to destroy it with a light pole. Kara returns to the DEO and quickly destroys the rest of the monkeys.

Alex is at J'onn's apartment having dinner with him and his father.

James is taking to Winn as they clean up the DEO. Winn wishes his mother would just leave him alone, but James mentions that his mother was right about somebody working with Winn's dad.

Kara's talking to Winn's mom, who says she wishes that Winn would just let her tell him how proud she is.

Alex is speaking to M'yrnn, who has appeared to forget he has his own granddaughters. M'yrnn tells Alex that he's suffering from dementia and refuses to tell J'onn about it. The two fight, and M'yrnn orders Alex to leave.

Winn's examining one of the broken monkeys when his mom enters the lab and begins helping her son, much to Winn's chagrin. Winn's mother explains Winn's father's abusive tendencies, and Winn apologizes for misunderstanding.

J'onn approaches Alex about leaving dinner early. Alex mentions that he has to talk to M'yrnn, because she won't tell him what's wrong.

Winn's mother keeps examining the monkey and finds a symbol she recognizes. She tells Winn that she needs to rest, playing dumb on what she found. She leaves the DEO and travels to a warehouse, where a woman is working on some mechanics. Winn's mother asks why the woman hates her and Winn, and the woman traps Winn's mother in one of her toys.

The group is in the DEO when the new toy lady hacks the screen and reveals to them she has captured Winn's mother. Kara, James, Mon-El, and Winn suit up to go rescue her. We find out the woman was Toyman's apprentice.

The squad arrives at the warehouse and is immediately ambushed by all kinds of explosive toys. They fight off attack after attack when Kara splits from the group to try and find Toyman 2.0. She's nearly instantly enclosed in a life-size action figure case that's resistant to her laser vision. Mon-El finds her as she nearly suffocates, and he frees her from the case.

Winn runs in to rescue his mom but is stopped at gunpoint by the lady toymaker. Winn's uses a remote-controlled monkey he reprogrammed to stop her. After a brief fight, the Schott's knock her out.

After things settle down, the group goes out for a drink at the same karaoke bar. Mon-El and Kara continue their conversation earlier when Kara speaks up and tells her former boyfriend that she can't be the one to help Mon-El with his relationship problems.

He reveals he wasn't going to talk to her about Imra. Rather, the real reason the Legion came to National City was to stop the third Worldkiller.

M'yrnn approaches J'onn about his condition. He reveals to his son that he's been suffering from dementia.

Winn and his mom are singing A-ha's "Take On Me" when J'onn walks in the bar visibly upset. Alex instantly walks over to him to comfort him.

James' phone rings, and it's finally Lena calling back. She tells James she's been working on a project day and night, and we see that Lena has Sam confined to a hospital bed in a bunker somewhere.