Cyborg Superman is Coming To Supergirl!

The CW has released the official synopsis for "The Darkest Place," and it reveals that Cyborg Superman will make his debut in the upcoming seventh episode of Supergirl's second season and go toe-to-toe with the Woman of Steel.

IT'S SUPERGIRL VS. CYBORG SUPERMAN — While Guardian (Mehcad Brooks) tries to clear his name after being accused of a murder committed by another vigilante, Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) heads out on a solo mission to rescue Mon-El (Chris Wood) who has been captured by CADMUS. While fighting to free Mon-El, Supergirl comes face to face with Cyborg Superman.


In the current comics, the Cyborg Superman was reinvented as a foe to Supergirl — but not as Hank Henshaw (the original Cyborg Superman). That would be Zor-El, Supergirl's father — or a version of him, anyway. Obviously, going with Zor-El over Henshaw created more of a family drama around the character, and one has to wonder if perhaps we will see Jeremiah Danvers (played by Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman star Dean Cain) suited up as Cyborg Superman. We know Cadmus abducted him and experimented on him, so it is possible the former Superman will put the 'S' back on his chest?

Then again, if Jeremiah can be alive, so can the real Hank Henshaw. In the pre-New 52 comics, Hank Henshaw was an astronaut that believed catastrophic events that plagued him and his crew were Superman's fault. Before his injuries could take his life, he transferred his consciousness into Superman's birthing matrix — becoming Cyborg Superman.

Glen Winter directed the episode written by Robert Rovner & Paula Yoo.


Distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. International Television Distribution, SUPERGIRL is executive produced by Greg Berlanti (Arrow, The Flash), Ali Adler (The New Normal), Andrew Kreisberg (The Flash, Arrow) and Sarah Schechter (Blindspot, The Mysteries of Laura). Supergirl is based on the characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster and appearing in DC Comics, by special arrangement with the Jerry Siegel Family.

Supergirl airs Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. "The Darkest Place" will debut on November 21.