Superheroes React To Donald Trump Winning Election In Mashup Video

Anytime something momentous occurs, like Donald Trump becoming President-elect, reactions form every corner of the universe immediately start to pop up, even in our geekdom. And we do mean universe, as Star Lord reacts in the above video.

Some of our favorite superheroes sit down to watch Donald Trump's victory speech in this interesting reaction video.

Let's just say that Spidey, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman (Christian Bale), Thor, The X-Men, Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Christopher Reeves), Batman (Michael Keaton), Black Widow, Nite Owl, Star Lord, Iron Man, War Machine, Scarlet Witch and finally Captain America all look a bit concerned as Darth Vaders theme song plays in the background.

Captain America claims, "Alright...that's enough" and switches off the television.

Remember folks, not all heroes wear capes, but most of them do. Except for Spidey, Iron Man, Captain America, Wonder Woman.


Now would be a great time to dive into some comics!

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