'The Flash': Could Joe and Cecile's Baby Be the Mystery Girl?

Tonight on The Flash, Joe and Cecile found out that they are having a baby girl. It was an [...]

Tonight on The Flash, Joe and Cecile found out that they are having a baby girl. It was an exciting, if not accidental, reveal that answers one question for fans of the show and potentially answers another: could the Mystery Girl be Joe and Cecile's daughter?

Spoilers for tonight's episode of The Flash, "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash", below.

While we have floated a few theories as to who the Mystery Girl who appeared first at Barry and Iris' wedding during "Crisis on Earth-X" and then again at Jitters during last week's episode, the reveal that Baby West is a girl opens up a whole new possibility for the mysterious figure's identity. While explaining how an all-grown-up Baby Girl West ended up in present-day Central City may be a bit more complicated to explain than the Mystery Girl being either Dawn Allen or Jenni Ognats (both of those possibilities have ties to the Legion of Super-Heroes), there's still some solid evidence for this theory.

First, the Mystery Girl physically resembles what a child between Cecile and Joe might look like. While her skin tone and eye color are a bit lighter than Cecile and Joe's, skin tone can have wide variation within any family. And for those who have noted that the Mystery Girl also resembles Iris, features-wise, the girl being Iris' half-sister instead of her daughter or granddaughter also fits as siblings -- even those who do not share both parents -- can share features.

There's also the matter of the Mystery Girl's personality as we have thus far seen it. In both of her appearances, the Mystery Girl is excited almost to the point of being giddy, talking too much and quickly. To this point, we've assumed that that is a trait she inherited from Barry, but in tonight's episode of The Flash, we see Cecile have one of those highly animated moments herself upon realizing that she has developed telepathic powers. When she discovers that she can read minds, Cecile gets every bit as excited as what we've seen from the Mystery Girl at Jitters and the wedding, something that could be a clue that the Mystery Girl is her daughter, not her step-granddaughter.

As for the details that don't quite line up as easily -- namely the Mystery Girl's sharp grasp of science -- they still fit with the possibility of her being Baby Girl West. Any child of Cecile and Joe's is very likely to spend a lot of time around her "brother" Barry, and as the first Team Flash baby, she'll probably spend time with Cisco and the rest of the team as well. In fact, we can see Cisco being stuck with babysitting duty that he uses to mold her young mind to all things scientific and nerdy which might just be where her Oregon Trail T-shirt comes in. It's also worth noting that, up until now, we've only seen her interact with Barry, Cisco, and Ralph.

It's possible that if she is Baby Girl West, she's avoiding interaction with either of her parents so as to not accidentally create issues with the timeline. Perhaps she's learned from Barry's numerous time-travelling mishaps and is simply playing it safe.

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