Titans Reveals Who Really Killed Jericho

Ever since the new season of Titans began on DC Universe, Dick Grayson and his old allies made it clear that there were a lot skeletons hidden in their closet. Now that Deathstroke is back with a score to settle, he's put a target on the young heroes' backs with the intent of punishing Dick for their shared history. We've only gotten teases, as Deathstroke's daughter Rose made it clear that her brother Jericho was killed while Slade Wilson himself blames the Titans. In last week's episode, Dick admitted to Jason Todd that he killed Jericho, though we learn it's not so simple.

In this week's flashback episode "Jericho," we finally get to see the circumstances that lead to the death of Deathstroke's son.

While the Titans attempt to avenge the death of their teammate Aqualad by getting close to Jericho, they all realize that the young man has a kind heart. They then find out that he has the ability to send his consciousness into other people's bodies, prompting Dick to bringing him into the Titans and reveal the truth to him.

They admit that they only targeted him because of his connection to Deathstroke, revealing that Jericho's father is a killer, but that they now want to help him in his own heroic journey. Jericho decides to join the team, understanding the kinship he shares with Robin, Wonder Girl, and Hawk & Dove.

But Deathstroke comes back into the fold and attempts to restart his relationship with his son. He asks Jericho to meet him at a church, the same church where Deathstroke lured Dick Grayson to in the present day in last week's episode, so they can have a discussion.

Jericho asks Dick if he can go alone, in order to have a conversation with his father that won't erupt in violence, and the leader of the Titans obliges — but secretly follows him to the meeting.

While Jericho and Deathstroke attempt to hammer out their issues, Robin emerges and engages in Deathstroke in a fight, betraying the new Titan's trust in the process. While Jericho watches on helplessly, Dick is clearly outmatched.

But right as Deathstroke gets ready to deliver the killing blow, Jericho leaps in the way and takes the hit to save his new friend.

So yes, in truth, Deathstroke did kill Jericho, but the event might have been avoided if Robin simply trusted Jericho and allowed him to meet his father in private — but his need to avenge Aqualad proved to be a downfall.


Now that Dick's secret is out, we'll see how the rest of the Titans react — and what Rose Wilson will do — in the next episode.

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