Titans Reveals Why Dick Grayson Goes to Jail

The latest episode of Titans on DC Universe continues to fracture the heroes after the ugly truth [...]

The latest episode of Titans on DC Universe continues to fracture the heroes after the ugly truth about Deathstroke's son Jericho was revealed to everyone. Dick Grayson revealed that he holds himself responsible for Jericho's death, despite the fact that Slade Wilson drove a sword into his heart. And after being abandoned by everyone except for Beast Boy and Superboy, the latter who remains hospitalized after being shot with Kryptonite bullets, Grayson decides to abandon his post as the leader of the Titans and get away from the people he hurts.

The ending to the previous episode showed Dick assault a pair of police officers and surrender himself into their custody. When we pick up with him in jail, Grayson reveals that he's hurt everyone who gets close to him and that he's best just staying away from the people he loves.

This comes after his confrontation with Deathstroke, who tells Dick that he will hunt down his allies if he ever reforms the Titans again. So it seems like the struggling hero's only course of action is to abandon his allies altogether and put himself in a way where it's nearly impossible to reform the Titans.

This, of course, isn't the end of the character's journey on the DC Universe series. Grayson still cannot keep his heroic streak from coming out as he aids in a few prisoners to mount an escape, knowing full well that they're being targeted by both inmates and the law enforcement for their immigration status.

ComicBook spoke with Titans showrunner Greg Walker, who explained that the team's history will continue to haunt the heroes in their struggle against Deathstroke.

"Both the Titans history to the books and Titans history from what we think happened during the intermitting years between when the Titans first formed, when they broke up, and the present [play into Season 2]. So there's a lot of backstory that gets revealed that was lurking in the shadows last season."

The Titans are more divided than ever, and by the end of the episode, Lex Luthor's goons at Cadmus take both Superboy and Beast Boy into custody. With just a few episodes left in the second season, it's hard to imagine how the heroes will manage to come together.

New episodes of Titans premiere on Fridays on DC Universe.