Titans Star Brenton Thwaites Addresses Sprawling Season 2 Storylines

With the new season of Titans establishing that the DC Universe is getting a lot bigger, the superhero series continues to expand its focus on a lot more characters as they try to find their way in the world. But with more and more characters entering the fray, the show runs the risk of expanding too far beyond its scope, while dealing with the wholly personal threat of Deathstroke who has an obvious vendetta against the core members of the team.

ComicBook spoke with Dick Grayson actor Brenton Thwaites and asked what storylines he prefers in the series; does he like to see more characters included in the narrative, or does he prefer the close-knit storylines of the first season of Titans?

"There are parts of both which I really enjoy. However, I feel like without each other, they wouldn't succeed," Thwaites said. "The more introspective character development that we have in season two lead to major discoveries and developments in fighting Deathstroke, and in supporting the notion of these big set pieces and big fights scenes. I think it's important that when these characters come together and ultimately fight Deathstroke, it's imperative to know their journeys, where they've been."

Thwaites went on to add, "I think the challenge in having a cast of 15 or 16 superheroes is in fulfilling everyone's individual journey. So, unfortunately, on this season, we haven't really had the chance to really delve into any singular character's long-form character journey. But on the plus side of that, it's been a great way to show how ... members of a family can support each other and ultimately defeat evil."

It sounds like Thwaites recognizes that there is a downside to the expanding cast, but with the charisma and rapport between each actor, there is a lot of promise in the interactions between the characters as they establish a new team. And now that Deathstroke has emerged as a formidable threat, there is a lot of drama to cover.


Even if the Titans have to deal with some road blocks, especially with the impending debut of Superboy in the next episode, fans can still expect more of the same superhero action as the show continues.

New episodes of Titans debut on Fridays on DC Universe.