'Titans' Reportedly Adding Deathstroke's Daughter in Season 2

Not only is Deathstroke making his way to DC Universe's Titans in the near future, but the ever-popular villain is apparently bringing both of his kids along with him.

Earlier this week, a casting call teased that the second season of Titans, which is reportedly filming in March, was looking to hire a deaf or hard of hearing actor to take on the role of Deathstroke's son, Joe Wilson/Jericho. There was no specific character name listed on the casting call, but the description was a dead ringer for Joe. Now, just a day or two later, a new report suggests that Slade Wilson's other child is also going to appear on the show.

According to That Hashtag Show, sources have confirmed that Rose Wilson, also known as Ravager, will also be joining the cast for Season 2.

This is an interesting addition for the Titans, as Rose has been an ever-changing presence for the comic book team over the years. In the comics, Rose is the daughter of Deathstroke and Cambodian princess Lillian Worth. Rose didn't know the identity of her father for some time, and the two have had a complicated relationship over the years. There have been times when Rose followed the path of her father, becoming an adversary to the Titans. Then again, there were also times when she actually joined the team and fought alongside them.

That Hashtag Show's description of Rose's role on Titans suggests that the show will be using her as a friend to the Titans, perhaps joining the roster as she did in the comics. According to the report, she will begin her arc as a "strong, yet damaged woman," who is looking to move on from her difficult history. She is on a journey to replace the family that her father destroyed, likely leading her to the Titans. Rose's disdain for Slade could be the driving force behind the new rivalry with Deathstroke.


It looks as though Titans will continue its trend of consistently expanding its comic book roster from Season 1. In addition to the core members of the team, the first season also introduced Jason Todd, Donna Troy, the Doom Patrol, and in a way, Batman. Going forward, the cast of characters will only continue to expand.

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