Titans Season 3 Reveals First Look at Scarecrow and Barbara Gordon

The third season of DC's Titans series is almost upon us, as it prepares to debut its next [...]

The third season of DC's Titans series is almost upon us, as it prepares to debut its next installment this summer on HBO Max. Most of the beloved characters from the first two seasons will be returning, but fans have their attention focused on a couple of popular characters from the comics who will be making their debuts on the show in Season 3. Vincent Kartheiser is joining the series as Jonathan Crane, aka Scarecrow, while Savannah Welch comes on board to play Barbara Gordon.

On Thursday, EW revealed the first photos of Scarecrow and Barbara in Titans. Showrunner Greg Walker also talked with the site, offering a few details about the new characters. He started by comparing Scarecrow to one of the most iconic villains in history.

titans season 3 scarecrow
(Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/HBO Max)

"Think Hannibal Lecter," Walker said. "He's been given the opportunity to opine on ways to stop villains, and a villain breaks out in Gotham and it draws [Dick Grayson] to work with him."

One of the main storylines in Season 3 will follow Dick Grayson's return to Gotham City. Once there, he and Barbara will have a lot of problems from their shared past that they need to work out.

titans season 3 barbara gordon
(Photo: HBO Max)

"In our story with Dick returning to Gotham - and Gotham is a huge character this season - it's about sons and daughters, [and] stepping into the shadow of your parents," said Walker. "Barbara is going to be conflicted by Dick's arrival. Barbara's feeling is that the legacy of Bruce and Jim has been this idea that she thinks is antiquated and inefficient: the God syndrome, meaning that superheroes create the situation where they're the heroes. They drop in on a situation, solve it, and then they leave. And she feels that basically disempowers people from solving their own problems and that the people of Gotham need to figure out how to solve their own problems and not be passive victims waiting for a superhero to save the day."

This season of Titans will be its most Gotham-centric yet, and fans can't wait. Not only will Barbara Gordon and Scarecrow be joining the series, but Jason Todd will also be taking on the popular mantle of the Red Hood.

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Titans Season 3 is set to premiere on HBO Max on August 12th.