Watchmen's Damon Lindelof Reveals What He is Most Proud of From the Show

Watchmen ended tonight and the Internet is still processing the final hour of the first season. Many are wondering if more Watchmen is coming, but those thoughts could be the most satisfying thing to come from this season according to the showrunner. Damon Lindelof has been waiting for this finale to be out in the world for quite a while. Two years of work have led to this moment and the debate that descended on social media Sunday night seems like it could have been a part of the creative team's plan this entire time. So, in the end, it doesn't completely matter what side of the arguments about that final shot you fall on doesn't matter really. The fact that fans are all discussing everything that happened is what the journey was for. When asked about the eventual fallout from that fascinating season of television, Lindelof offered his thoughts to Deadline. He began, "I'll just say to me the area for which I'm most proud is what the conversation around the show is."

"We can just kind of tell this story and what we're trying to do becomes evident as it goes on," Linedlof continued. "So, the conversation around the show to me, on all sides of it, even for the people who are not huge fans of it but they're still engaged in that conversation, that feels awesome."

"As one of the show's parents, I have to love the show because it's my kid, but at the same time, I also have to acknowledge that the show was not everything that it could have been. I just can't tell you at this moment of time how we could have done any better. We tried our best. Sometimes when you take big swings you're going to miss the ball and that certainly happened on occasion, but I can't quite diagnose it at this moment in time," he concluded.


This all comes on the heels of the very adamant stance from various people affiliated with the show that nobody really knows what's next. Some people are still searching for answers after a bit of an open-ended final shot for the season. While critically acclaimed, there are some people who might enjoy someone else getting a try at molding this universe. At any rate, it would be hard to see HBO leaving it be after all the good press from both different media outlets and viewers alike.