Wizkids Announces New DC And Marvel Dice Masters Sets

(Photo: Wizkids)

Wizkids is changing things up a bit in regards to their successful Dice Masters line.

On the Marvel side (via ICv2), WizKids will release the first annual starter set, which will star everyone's favourite sarcastic hero Iron Man. The Iron Man and War Machine Starter Set is not tied to a larger release and is intended to give new players a clean hopping on point. It will include eight characters, including Iron Man, Rescue, War Machine, and Howard Stark. Varying versions of Iron Man's armor will also be a part of the new starter box, which will be priced at $19.99.

As for their DC line, they will be offering new cards and dice focused on Batman. The Batman set will be an expansion, and not a starter set, and will only be available through booster packs. The expansion will include 30 Gotham-centric heroes and villains, and will be released in February of next year. The booster packs will include two cards and two dice, just like all their other sets, but there will be a special incentive package. If you purchase an entire gravity feed display box of boosters, you'll receive a special promo card with sketch-like artwork, inspired by Free Comic Book Day Sketch Promos. The card isn't just for display, however, and can be used in the game.

As with all of the Dice Master releases, cards from all sets can be used interchangeably with other sets and characters. Whether you just want to add some additional Batman themed dice to your teams, or need a fresh place to start in the Marvel version, it seems Wizkids has both avenues covered.