Chris Pine Rocks a Fanny Pack in 'Wonder Woman 1984' Set Photos

DC fans were stunned when Patty Jenkins revealed Chris Pine has returned for the sequel to Wonder Woman. And new set photos show Steve Trevor isn't having a hard time fitting into '80s.

The photos of Pine filming scenes with Gal Gadot on the set of Wonder Woman 1984 show that Trevor is rocking one key accessory that everyone in the '80s had: the fanny pack. Take a look in the set photos below (additional photos on Just Jared).

It looks like they're going to reverse the whole "fish out of water" aspect from the first film with Trevor's mysterious emergence in the '80s, putting Diana in the position of tour guide as she helps him get accustomed to "Glam's World."

Today has provided an outpouring of news and details about the sequel to last year's summer hit, in which Diana Prince takes on big hair, shoulder pads, and the Cold War. Director Jenkins confirmed the film's title as Wonder Woman 1984, as well as being the first to confirm the rumor that Pine would be returning as Steve Trevor. Despite the facts that he was, you know, exploded, and this is about half a century in the future.

Star Gal Gadot also celebrated the start of filming by revealing the first official set image of her as Wonder Woman, standing in front of a wall of old school television monitors displaying some images from iconic '80s media.

These photos all drive home the motif that's apparent in the title, meaning the sequel will embrace the era of fanny packs and jogging suits much like the original film embraced the industrial era of Europe.

We also learned some key new details about the main villain of the film, Cheetah. The character will be played by Saturday Night Live alum and Bridesmaids scribe Kristen Wiig, who is making a surprising jump to superhero movies with a high profile role.

Vulture writer Kyle Buchanan wrote on Twitter that he's "heard that Kristen Wiig starts the sequel as Diana's friend, not her foe. She emulates Wonder Woman, then seeks to usurp her."

It looks like Wonder Woman 1984 is shaping up to be an epic followup to the original film, and another fun period piece for DC Films.

Hopefully we hear more about the new movie at San Diego Comic-Con next month.


Wonder Woman 1984 premieres November 1, 2019.

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