Wonder Woman Star Connie Nielsen Plays Coy About Amazonian Spinoff Movie

After the success of Wonder Woman, fans wanted to see more from the Amazons of Themyscira. So far there's no official plans for a spinoff, although Wonder Woman 1984 is still planned for a release this summer. Aquaman, DC's other big-hit comic book movie from the last few years, has a sequel in the works as well as a horror-themed spinoff based on The Trench, the monstrous creatures from the darkest reaches of the ocean who appeared briefly in James Wan's Aquaman when it hit theaters in 2018. Asked about the possibility of spinning off the Amazons in a similar fashion, Connie Nielsen -- Queen Hippolyta from the Wonder Woman movies -- didn't have much to say.

Nielsen is out doing press for an indie film she appears in now, and of course everyone is asking her about Wonder Woman 1984, out later this year, and her role in Justice League, which is still a surprisingly controversial film. While she wouldn't say whether there have been any talks about it Nielsen said that she and other members of the cast are definitely into the idea.

Nielsen told ComingSoon.net that she and the other Amazon performers in the cast "would love to, we would love to do that."

Of course, the Amazons have been part of the DC Universe even outside of the Wonder Woman movies. On DC's Legends of Tomorrow two years ago, the team took Helen of Troy to Themyscira to keep her from being coveted by dangerous men -- and Ann Ogbomo, who played Philippus in Wonder Woman and Justice League, took a role as Jayna-Zod on Syfy's short-lived DC series Krypton.

Nielsen can next be seen in Sea Fever, a thriller out on streaming platforms on April 10. The film centers around a microscopic parasite that becomes a threat to the crew of a boat while at sea.


"People have been noticing how timely and current this film really is," Nielsen told ComicBook.com today, suggesting that the film is part of a continuum of horror and thriller movies that depict nature as fighting back against humanity's incursion on the natural order. Other examples include things like Godzilla or any of the various climate change and superstorm movies that have come out in recent years.

Nielsen will reprise her role as Hippolyta in Wonder Woman 1984, the third time she has taken on the part. That film will be in theaters on August 14.

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