Wonder Woman Wraps Principal Photography

(Photo: WB)

Gal Gadot has finished principal photography on Wonder Woman, the June 2017 release and first-ever solo film for the character. She posted the news on her facebook page, calling it "an amazing, exciting, dreamy, happy and fascinating experience I will cherish it forever."

Gadot thanked her "amazing cast, crew, and phenomenal director" for their work on the film, her second appearance as the big screen Wonder Woman. After being introduced in Batman v Superman, the solo film will take her back to her origins, and show how an Amazon princess warrior became the superhero we saw save Batman and Superman's butts earlier this year.

No rest for the weary, though, as Gadot will go straight from Wonder Woman to the already-filming Justice League. The latter film, the first official team venture for DC Comics' superheroes on the silver screen, is at just about a month of shooting already. The overlapping schedules are becoming fairly commonplace for these superhero flicks, where team movies alternate with solo adventures, requiring actors to commit to schedules that leave very little room for breaks (or other jobs) while donning capes, costumes, and cowls.


Wonder Woman, now in post-production, is set for a June 2, 2017 release. See where Justice League and the other DC Comics films hit on our full franchise release schedule.