Oculus Reveals New VR Headset and Permanent Price Cut on Oculus Rift

Oculus just revealed a brand new VR headset during the Oculus Connect conference. The new headset is called Oculus Go, and will be entirely self-contained:

Self-contained means that you won't need a powerful $1,000 gaming PC in order to power this headset. You won't be required to shove your smartphone three inches from your face, either. Oculus Go will contain its own processors and sensors within the headset, as well as its own screen and lenses. The Oculus Go will boast "next generation" lenses, a WQHD 2560x1440 display, and spatial audio.

Oculus Go is set to launch in Q1 2018, and will cost $199. Many people are wondering how a self-contained VR headset that costs hundreds less than a typical smartphone could possibly offer a superior VR experience, but with a high-resolution screen and innovative lenses built from the ground up to cater to this single piece of hardware (as opposed to a modular device meant to accommodate multiple phone models), there's a good chance that the Oculus Go does in fact look much better than what you'd see using the Gear VR, for example.

New Price for Oculus Rift

But that's not all. Oculus also revealed a new price for its flagship virtual reality HMD. The Oculus Rift, from here on out, is going to cost $399.

It's worth noting that the Oculus Rift on its own used to retail for about $600, and this new $399 bundle comes with the rift and a pair of the Oculus Touch controllers, which add a new, immersive dimension to your gameplay experiences. The entire package is about $300 less than what it would have cost a few months ago.