It’s A Rumble In The Jungle With Team Fortress 2’s Massive New Update


There’s a community out there that still greatly appreciates Team Fortress 2, even years after its release. And they’re about to be promptly rewarded with a massive new update for their game.

Valve has announced that it’s planning to introduce an update that celebrates the game’s tenth anniversary that introduces the Jungle Inferno. In it, you’ll be able to take on a whole new set of maps, along with other features that will certainly keep fans engaged.

First up, there’s a theme park that you’ll be able to fight through, populated by a number of angry yetis that are in the mood to fight. Think Jurassic Park, but without the dinos.

The update, which is coming out this week, will introduce a new three-control point map called Mercenary Park, one in which the red and blue teams battle their way through the yeti park, taking on one another.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 7.47.30 PM

But there are some fresh new community maps that will be introduced with the update as well – Banana Bay (payload race), Mossrock (attack/defend), Lazarus (king of the hill), Brazil (king of the hill) and Enclosure (payload).

There will also be some yeti-themed emotes that will be introduced to the game, along with a number that are being put together by the community.

If you want to get an idea of what Mann Co. and the rest of the soldiers are up to, a new trailer can be seen above that highlights what Jungle Inferno is all about. For that matter, you can also check out the official Team Fortress 2 page to get a good look at the maps that are coming – as well as hints of what could be coming over the next few days. Yep, a Team Fortress 2 party just doesn’t know how to stop, it seems.

This sounds like it’ll be quite the paradise for Team Fortress 2 fans, though it’s unknown if this counts for all versions of the game (including the one included with The Orange Box for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360), or just the PC version. More than likely, it’s PC only, but we’ll let you know.

Time to jump back in and show your Team Fortress dominance!