Nintendo Isn't for Kids, and the Financial Data Proves It

Financial results are pouring in from Nintendo and Sony, and we're seeing some fascinating new data emerge. Some of this data is shattering stereotypes, especially for Nintendo. Until now, Nintendo has always been perceived as a brand for kids. While Nintendo always strives to be a family-friendly haven in the industry, the data is proving that it's an older crowd flocking to buy Nintendo consoles and play Nintendo games. In fact, the percentage of kids 12 and under playing on the Nintendo Switch is extremely small.

nintendo data

As you can see from the chart, "kids" aged 12 and under only make up about five percent of the Nintendo Switch user base at the moment, while adults aged 25-34 compose the overwhelming majority of Switch gamers. This, by the way, is based off of a recent survey taken this month of Nintendo Switch owners with active Nintendo accounts. It's not comprehensive, but it is a fantastic sampling of the more active Switch gamers.

"As you can see," the report reads, "purchases are primarily made by male consumers in their 20s and early 30s. The results also show good interest among consumers in the 10 to 19 age range. This lets us look forward to future growth in our consumer base." It must also be very comforting for Nintendo to know that the majority of the Switch player-base are males and females who are in escalating careers, or at the early peaks of their careers, with growing disposable income.

Perhaps the bigger surprise is how small the female install base appears to be. Again, the survey was not comprehensive, but I would have expected to see a larger female presence on the Switch. Nintendo publishes many games that tend to appeal to a female audience, though to be fair, many of them (like Animal Crossing) haven't made it to the Switch yet.

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(via ResetEra)