Capcom Almost Made Resident Evil Amiibo For Revelations Switch Release


One of the charming features of Nintendo platforms is the use of the collectible figures called Amiibos for both fandom sake, as well as enhanced in-game features. When Capcom released Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 for the Nintendo Switch, we very nearly got our own Amiibo figures for the classic horror game. Can you imagine a chibi little Chris Redfield!?

Capcom definitely isn't shy about the mini-3D figures - they've previously released Amiibo for Street Fighter, Mega Man, and even Monster Hunter. Apparently Resident Evil was supposed to be among the titles represented in 3D form, but Capcom pulled the plug on that idea before it came to fruition. In a new interview with Weekly Famitsu, Capcom representative Ryota Niitsuma disclosed why we never actually got these proposed figures ... sort of.

The team themselves came up with several concept images for the potential figures, and they even created posable versions for Bary Burton, Chris/Claire Redfield, and Jill Valentine. There was even consideration for two characters that were only available in the game's raid mode: HUNK and Lady HUNK. Unfortunately, none of these came to be for really an undisclosed reason. Though the team would still consider adding Amiibo into the game itself, they decided last minute that it just wasn't worth it.

That being said, their is technically Amiibo support for the horror title. Certain characters will grant players in-game bonuses, such as utilising any of the previously released Capcom figures. Mario Amiibo can also be used, though Capcom ones have more of a reward (for obvious reasons).

Regardless of whether or not we'll ever see a mini Redfield, Resident Evil Revelations Collection is now available for the Nintendo Switch for players to enjoy - even if it is without the adorable little collectible items.

(via Nintendo Everything)