Pokemon Go Is Trending Towards a #TeamRayquaza Victory During Legendary Week

Pokemon Go players are pushing #TeamRayquaza to victory during the game's Legendary Week.

Pokemon Go gave a brief update about its ongoing Legendary Week last night, which features a competition of sorts as to which Legendary Pokemon players will catch the most. As of Friday evening, players have defeated Rayquaza in 52% of all Legendary Raid Battles, while Kyogre and Groudon have been defeated in the other 48% of battles.

If players end up defeating Rayquaza more than the combined team of Kyogre and Groudon, Pokemon Go will begin distributing eggs from PokeStops and gyms that contain Pokemon that prefer windy weather. If the combined group of Kyogre and Groudon win, Pokemon Go will instead distribute eggs containing Pokemon that prefer sunny and rainy weather.

Pokemon Go chose to pair up Kyogre and Groudon together because players have already had a full month to catch both Legendary Pokemon. Groudon was available in December and January, while Kyogre was available in late January and February. By comparison, Rayquaza has only appeared in gyms for a couple of weeks.

Rayquaza winning probably offers the best chance for players to get some hard to find Pokemon from eggs, as Pokemon like Beldum and Bagon both prefer windy weather. However, a victory by the combined team of Kyogre and Groudon means that players could get eggs that have Pokemon like Trapinch and Lotad in eggs.

Here's what type of Pokemon players could find in eggs, depending on the results of the event:

Rayquaza Victory: Dragon, Psychic, Flying

Groudon/Kyogre Victory: Grass, Fire, Ground, Water Electric, Bug


To help players prepare for a weekend of battling, Pokemon Go also has bundles of premium items on sale in the in-game store. Each bundle contains Raid Passes along with items like Max Revives and Max Potions. Prices range from 480 PokeCoins to 1,480 PokeCoins.

The Legendary event will through March 5th, so players only have a few more hours to find all three Legendary Pokemon in gyms. The egg bonuses will go into effect from March 5th through March 16th.