A Pet Fly Won a Round of Fortnite, We're Not Kidding

There are a lot of ways to win in Fortnite's Battle Royale, and we've thought we've seen them all. We thought wrong. In this particular instance, it was one fly to rule them all and not going to lie, my pride is a little wounded from this one.

One player took to the Fortnite Reddit to share a very unconventional way to win a match and it involves a fly and a string. Could this be faked? Absofreakinglutely but if they're going to go through that effort just for the upvotes, we're here for it for a good laugh.

holy shit my pet fly Larry just got his first win! from r/FortNiteBR

On one hand, I feel a bit bad. As you can see in the video above, the poster tied a fly, his "pet fly Larry," to a string and let 'er rip. On the other hand ... we're a little impressed? Check out the video above and see what we mean.

As one commenter so eloquently put it, "the moment when you realise a fly is better than you at Fortnite." Maybe we had the chance to be this good but we let it fly over our heads. No matter, our boy Larry killed it - we just hope this video didn't kill him. Justice for Larry, people, justice for Larry.


In other actual Fortnite news, the week 2 challenges have been leaked early. You can see everything we found out here, with a bullet list of the challenges below:

  • Search Chests in Greasy Grove (7)
  • Consume Hop Rocks (7)
  • Deal damage with Suppressed Weapons to opponents (500)
  • Dance in front of different film cameras (7)
  • Search between a Scarecrow, Pink Hotrod, and a Big Screen (1) (HARD)
  • Explosive Weapon Eliminations (3) (HARD)
  • Eliminate opponents in Tomato Town (3) (HARD)

Fortnite Season 4 is officially live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and iOS players. The free-to-play game will officially be making its way over onto Android devices, though a release date has yet to be revealed. With Epic Games' massive presence at the upcoming E3 this year, it's possible they will be dropping some major bombshells for the game, including that highly anticipated Android release.