PUBG Players Are Reporting Mysterious Golden Chests In New Map

(Photo: Reddit)

Many PC players have been getting down on that PUBG action with the third map's testing period before Sanhok is ready to launch. The new map is unlike anything we've seen thus far, with beautiful beaches and secretive tunnels, but it looks like there might be a hidden mystery unfolding hiding even more surprises.

Many players have been taking to Reddit to show off various golden chests hidden around the map. From what they have been reporting, there's no way to open them - they're just kind of there looking all mysterious-like. It honestly makes sense that the team behind PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds would branch into something like this, especially following the massive explosion in popularity that Fortnite is currently experiencing. A big aspect of their biggest competitor is the mysteries players stumble upon littered throughout the map, it was only a matter of time before that also bled into the Chicken Dinner lovin' title.

(Photo: GodofFury via Reddit)

With Fortnite there are also direct golden chests that this might be a nudge towards, which hold better gear for players to score. Whether it is meant to be a loot grab or a hidden mystery is still up in the air. That being said, it does add another layer of excitement for a game that many have called stale. Hopefully we'll learn more soon enough, though it might be a few months since the new map is still in testing phase. Luckily, it is still slated for a full Summer release on Steam, until then - keep sharing those golden chest finds!

In other PUBG news, did you see that Twitch recently unveiled a customised filter on the streaming platform specifically for PUBG?


The announcement came via Twitter to show exactly how it works to kick that stream experience up a notch. If you're like me and don't want to sit through some of the slower parts of battle royale (the camping, the hiding, the chugging of off-brand-for-legal-reasons red bulls), this filter is the perfect way to still enjoy watching streams, but closer to the endgame goal. You can filter how many players are left in a match, select whether you want to watch solo players or those that have a squad to back them up, or you can choose to watch an entire stream from start to finish. It's really up to you, the watcher, which is a neat little feature - especially for those with limited time.

You can read more about the Twitch filters, and neat fan suggestions, right here.