Leaked No Man's Sky Box Art Hints at Co-op

Leaked box art for the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky appears to be hinting at the game’s long-awaited co-op feature.

Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky is something that players who have stuck around in Hello Games’ space exploration title have been waiting on for some time now. The game features a vast universe filled with diverse planets and biomes, and if the leaked box art is any indication, those worlds will soon be explored with friends in tow.

The box art comes from the Twitter user PeacefulGamer who excitedly shared a tweet that included the box art seen below. As the user pointed out, the art shows four different character models on a planet as they look out towards the open world. This differs from the previous box art that only included one long character on the planet, so it’s got many thinking that No Man’s Sky news about multiplayer features isn’t far away.

No Man's Sky Box Art
(Photo: PeacefulGamer via Twitter)

While the box art itself a strong enough sign to give hope for upcoming news, the fact that the game is going to be featured soon in the next episode of Inside Xbox only bolsters the theories. During the most recent episode of the weekly Xbox series that aired on May 11, it was revealed that the episode that airs tomorrow will include more details on Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky.

“The next episode of Inside Xbox is coming on May 17, that’s less than a week away,” Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb said during last week’s episode. “The show will feature a behind the scenes blowout for State of Decay 2, new details on the Xbox One version of No Man’s Sky, some Halo news, and much more.”

From State of Decay 2 to Halo, there’s a lot to take in there, but the No Man’s Sky teasers seems to line up perfectly with this leaked box art. However, the official Twitter account for Sean Murray, creator of No Man’s Sky, hasn’t hinted at any more news yet nor has it mentioned the upcoming Xbox show.


Whether it’s about the game’s multiplayer or not, you can check out tomorrow’s episode of Inside Xbox to see what’s in store for that version of No Man’s Sky.