Overcooked! 2, Killer Queen Black Bring Multiplayer Fun To Nintendo Switch


While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will no doubt bring multiplayer thrills to Nintendo Switch, there are other ways that you can have fun with your friends.

Two huge multiplayer favorites were announced for the Switch today, with one coming later this year and another bringing arcade excitement sometime in early 2019.

First up is Overcooked! 2, Team 17’s sequel to the hit multiplayer cooking game. If you’re all about making bigger and better meals, this game is a must-play. Here are the features:

Buddy up or go it alone as you cook up a storm, chopping, steaming and frying your way through dynamic and outright crazy levels. Now with online multiplayer for up to four chefs, there is no such thing as too many cooks and the steaks have never been higher as you prepare to save the Onion Kingdom... Again.

  • Online Multiplayer
  • New themes, chefs, recipes & kitchens
  • Chaotic couch co-op (for up to four players)
  • Versus mode
  • Arcade mode

This game will release on August 7. You can see the trailer below.

And as we mentioned previously, arcade hit Killer Queen Black will arrive in 2019 for Nintendo Switch, as well as PC. It’s an intense multiplayer platformer with numerous ways to win a match. You’ll find the features and trailer below.

Fly solo, or team up with three of your friends as you race to complete one of three possible victory conditions.


Killer Queen Black, a new take on the arcade eSport Killer Queen, has been rebuilt from the ground up and optimized for console. The gameplay is immediately recognizable and familiar, yet it introduces exciting new twists and online play for the home audience. Killer Queen Black is the follow up to Killer Queen that fans have been begging for.

  • Online Multiplayer
  • Four game modes: Quick Match, Ranked, Custom, and Arena
  • Five distinct weapons: Sword, Morning Star, Laser, Lance, and Stinger

We’ll be checking this out soon so be sure to check out our hands-on when they go up!

Grab your friends, because between these games, Smash and Super Mario Party, you won’t get enough multiplayer fun.