Fortnite: Season 5 Items Leaked

Fortnite's fourth season is coming to a close very soon, and you guys only have about five more days to earn those Battle Pass tier rewards! No doubt there are some contrails, outfits, back bling, and emotes that you're still needing to unlock, so you better get playing before the start of Season 5!

Speaking of Season 5, we may already know a few of the rewards that may be coming down the pipeline in the fifth Battle Pass. Some data-miners have uncovered some interesting file names that you may want to see. It sounds like things are getting pretty goofy next week:

  • Stars & Stripes
  • TP (not decided)
  • Glitchin'
  • Vines
  • Golden Starfish (unknown)
  • Ice

Most of these are probably contrails, though we obviously don't have solid info yet. Many of the reactions in the responding thread speculated that TP was for Toilet Paper, and there are even a few videos detailing why that's the case. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but we'll find out soon enough when the new season commences on July 12th!

In other seasonal news, for those looking at capping before Season 4 ends you'll want to use this handy dandy calculator tool to see if that's achievable or not. Getting to 80 is a bit of a grind, but one that promises sweet, sweet rewards for the faithful.


The sole purpose is to help players more accurately estimate whether or not they can hit that level cap before the new season starts. There's also an additional link provided in case the original Google Docs isn't showing up - which some users have been reporting due to restrictions placed on the document itself.

Epic Games, naturally, is staying mum about the whole "rifts destroying everything they touch" thing, watching the world burn in a fit of overly enthusiastic curiosity and burning conspiracy theories. Make sense, that what they did with the meteors in the first place, which only served to keep the hype fresh and ongoing. If there's one thing that brings the community together, it's a solid mystery to get down on!

Fortnite is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. It's expected to drop on Android as well, though no specific release date has been given at this time other than "soon."