Amazon Launches a Massive One-Day Board Game Sale


With the Gen Con tabletop gaming convention wrapping up in Indianapolis today, Amazon is launching one of the biggest board game sales that we've seen from them in quite some time (they even threw some Dungeons & Dragons dice sets into the mix). You can shop the entire sale right here, but we've hand-picked a few gems for your convenience below. Just keep in mind that these deals will only last through the end of the day today, August 5th - but the best titles might sell out early.

Asmodee 7 Wonders - $28 (44% off)
Blue Orange Games Kingdomino - $12.55 (37% off)
Imhotep Builder of Egypt Board Game - $17.99 (55% off)
Discworld The Witches Board Game - $31.30 (37% off)
Ravensburger The Castles of Burgundy Board Game - $22.99 (45% off)
Arcane Wonders Sheriff of Nottingham - $19.54 (44% off)
Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf - $9.99 (60% off)
Bezier Games One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak - $9.99 (60% off)
Pandemic: Legacy Season 2 Black and Yellow Editions - (45% and 49% off)
Lost Cities - The Card Game - $11.89 (41% off)
The Legend of Kora: Pro-Bending Arena Miniatures Board Game - $25.41 (32% off)
Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Armada Game - $52.99 (47% off)
Q Workshop Call of Cthulhu: Black and Green Dice, Set of 7 - $10.96 (42% off)
Q Workshop Steampunk Clockwork Caramel & White Dice Set - $11.50 (26% off)


On a related note, Target is running a Gen Con sale of their own, offering a 10% online discount on popular board games when you use the code GENCON at checkout. Among these games you'll find Disney Villainous from Wonder Forge and Jurassic Park Danger! from Ravensburger which are super popular and very hard to find at the moment.

For example, Amazon quickly blew through their initial stock of Disney Villainous, are only offering copies with inflated prices from third parties at the time of writing. Jurassic Park Danger! is only available on Amazon with high prices from third parties as well. It also seems as though Target just got these games in stock. In other words, you need to strike while the iron is hot because they probably won't last long. Keep in mind that 2-day shipping is free with orders of $35 or more.

Other notable games from Target's Gen Con sale include Ticket to Ride Express: New York City 1960, Choose Your Own Adventure House of Danger, The Chameleon, and Megaland. You can shop the entire lineup here.

The official descriptions for Disney Villainous and Jurassic Park Danger are as follows:


Disney Villainous: You are the Villain! Command your henchmen, defeat the heroes, and enact your evil scheme. In Villainous, the story-based gameplay allows players to experience events from the classic Disney films, Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Robin Hood, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan in exciting new ways. Each Villain plays differently, offering rich strategy to explore, surprising combinations to discover, and plenty of replay value. To play, move to a spot on your board and take actions based on your options at that location - actions will allow you to gain power, play cards, and defeat heroes. But, being a true Villain requires strategic interference with your opponents' goals. Use other players' Fate cards featuring heroes and other meddlesome objects, to prevent them from reaching their objectives. Be the first to achieve your Villain's devious objective and you win!


Jurassic Park Danger!: “Hold onto your butts!” This Jurassic Park light strategy game, set in the chaotic scene of Isla Nublar, will take you on the adventure of your life! One player controls the T. rex, Dilophosaurus, and Velociraptor, prowling through the jungle to attack the humans. The remaining players work as the team of iconic characters from the classic Jurassic Park™ film to fight against the player controlling the dinosaurs. When a Human Character is defeated by the Dinosaurs, they can immediately reanimate as a brand new character. But be careful, if the Dinosaurs defeat three Human Characters, the Dinosaurs win. If the players controlling the Human Characters manage to get three Characters off the island to safety, those players win!

Note: This is not a sponsored post, but if you purchase one of the awesome products featured above, we may earn a small commission from the retailer. Thank you for your support.