'Destiny 2:' This Letter From Cayde-6 Will Break Your Heart All Over Again

Destiny 2's Forsaken is here and brings with it the gut-wrenching moment when we lose famed Hunter Cayde-6. If you're like me, you're still not over Bungie's decision to cut the character from our lives and the latest update from the team is a lot of salt in the wound.

Bungie took to their blog to post an excerpt from his farewell letter to further our wretched hearts' pain.

Ikora, Zavala:
If you’re reading this, shame on you. You didn’t notice me slip out the back door. Step up your game, my buddies.
Here’s the play. I’m going back to the Reef. Not just for a mission or two—I’ll be staying there for a few days to help out our old pal Petra Venj with a few things. Nothing too serious, just picking up some patrol slack.
As always, you know the conditions of my Dare, bla bla bla. If I need any backup, I’ll hit up my favorite Guardian. Enough said.

Zavala, have you figured out your tell yet? I’d let you know, but Sundance says you gotta figure it out on your own. You know what a tough little Ghost she is. How about this: play a few rounds with Banshee while I’m gone. I’ll betcha a gold engram he’ll figure out your tell in three hands. If you drop more than four Ks of Glimmer he might just take pity on you and tell you what it is.

Ikora, I left my Sparrow with Holliday, and I’m afraid she’s gonna replace my Tharsis thrusters with some of that fancy new crap the wingheads are into these days. Could you mosey on by, make sure she doesn’t get too enthusiastic? I’ll owe you one. Another one.


Is it news? Well, no, but if I have to feel it, so do you. We officially say goodbye to Cayde-6 today now that Forsaken is available on Sept. 4th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC players.

Thoughts on how Bungie handled the drastic narrative shift? Want to press "F" to pay respects? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!