Pokemon Meme Reminds Us To Always Save Often, Always.

For some reason or another, the 90s Pokemon anime has come back into the limelight for one precious reason: Shocked Pikachu. The *gasps in shock* pocket monster has gone viral in the latest meme de la meme craze and some are using this power for good: Like to remind you to charge your handhelds.

Feel the pain from r/gaming

A lot of games nowadays have an autosave feature, but even still - it's smart to just hit that extra save just in case. We've all been there at least once where we made so much progress in a game, only to lose a huge chunk of it to a glitch or a crash. Or in this case, a dead battery.

Our beloved Pikachu first made his animated debut back in 1997 and from there, the love for this adorable pocket monster grew. In a random turn of events, a "shocked" screen grab from the 90s anime has made its rounds on the internet and as you can see, quickly went viral.

The usage of the meme in question is still going strong. We even collected a few of our favourites because we are "hip" and with the times (kidding, don't kill me):


But back to the main point: Save and save often, do it for Pikachu!

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