Petition By Nintendo Fans To Get Waluigi Element Added To Periodic Table Quickly Growing


Nobody respects Waluigi, especially Nintendo. However, his cult-like fans are on a mission to make sure that if Nintendo isn't going to respect the Mario character, science will.

More specifically, there's a new petition making the rounds to get the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry -- the folk in charge of the Periodic Table -- to add Waluigi to the chart.

So, what's the pitch? Well, currently there's an unnamed element, Element 119 (which has been temporary named "Ununennium") that Waluigi fans want to make called Waluigium, which I must say, has a much, much better ring to it than Ununennium. Of course, Waluigium would feature either WA or WL identifiers.

The petition, posted to by user King Creeper (possibly Waluigi's Internet alias), was actually made about a month ago. But it didn't start to catch on until recently, and now it has over 2,500 signatures at the moment of publishing.

According to King Creeper, the angle here is not only to get the Waluigster his own element, but to get Nintendo to notice and thus respond. It's a bold strategy.

Of course, the chances the International Union of Pure Chemistry would ever element-ize Waluigi into the Periodic Table are very, very, very slim, even if the signature went viral. But hey, you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.

Besides, it's about time the Internet reminded Nintendo of its various Waluigi injustices over the years. For one, where's Waluigi's own game? And two, why the heck isn't he in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate? For Pete's sake Petey Piranha made it into Smash, what the heck does Waluigi have to do get the same respect? I'm not sure, but the larger the Waluigi meme grows and the longer it lives, the more likely Nintendo will give the fans what they want, as well was what they really want, which is a live-action Waluigi movie directed by Mad Max director George Miller.


Of course, if you haven't signed the petition. Get on it. And don't forget to share on Facebook, Twitter, and all that jazz in the process. Waluigi is counting on you.

Thanks, Game Revolution.