'League of Legends' Releases New Valentine's Day Skins

New League of Legends skins are now available to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but there are also two skins that won’t be around this time next month since they’re heading to the Legacy Vault.

Heartpiercer Fiora and Heartbreaker Vi are this year’s Valentine’s Day skins, both of them available now for 1,350 Riot Points each, but they’ll only be available for a limited time. Each of the two skins is scheduled to be removed from the store on March 4th. Turnarounds for those skins can be seen below which were shared shortly after they were revealed to be 2019’s Valentine’s Day releases.

When those new skins are placed in the Legacy Vault, two other skins will join them. Sweetheart Rakan and Sweetheart Xayah have been out for almost a full year now but will soon be placed in the Legacy Vault on March 4th alongside the new Valentine’s Day skins. Since those were both the first post-release cosmetics the two champions received beyond their Cosmic skins they got when they were first revealed, the skins remained on sale for the full year despite being themed after Valentine’s Day.


Like other themed events, this one also brings other cosmetics and bundles outside of just the skins themselves. There’s a Queen Poro Ward available for 640 Riot Points and three Summoner Icons are available for the ward and the two skins, all of them available 250 Riot Points each. Buying the skins’ bundles will cost 3,135 Riot Points each, assuming players have the champion already, and come with the skin, the respective icon, the Poro icon, and seven different Chromas, one of which is only available through those bundles. All the Chromas are also available separately for 290 Riot Points each.

Anyone who’s planning on picking up Fiora’s new skin might also want to keep the changes for the champion’s preferred Keystone Rune in mind. Conqueror is the most common pick for Fiora and other fighters like her, but it’s that rune that’s likely going to change in the next update to something that may or may not be the preferred option for Fiora players.