Some of the Best 'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplements Are Discounted Heavily for a Good Cause

You can get dozens of fantastic Dungeons & Dragons supplements at a discounted price and support a charitable cause at the same time.

Yesterday, the DMs Guild posted five different discounted bundles of licensed Dungeons & Dragons supplements with all proceeds going to RAINN, an anti-sexual violence non-profit organization. The DMs Guild is owned by Wizards of the Coast and allows third party creators to publish D&D supplements using official D&D settings and monsters like beholders or mind flayers. Profits are typically split between Wizards of the Coast, the creators, and DriveThruRPG (which operates the site), but all profits from the bundles will instead be donated to RAINN.

There are five different bundles, each themed toward a different type of player or type of content. The Explorer's Pack contains supplements that feature new races, feats, and spells that players can use in their campaign, including the popular Reflectionist class and the College of the Opera Bardic subclass. The Benevolent DMs Kit contains supplements that help DMs build encounters and stories, including supplements about magic items, quick encounters that can be added to any storyline, and building meaningful romances or heist plots into your game.


There's also three great supplements containing adventure, bundled together depending on a player's experience and level. The Starter Kit contains adventures perfect for new players, the Folk Heroes bundle is geared towards Level 1-10 characters (and includes great adventures like Hunted!, Temple of the Opal Goddess, and Shore of Dreams) and the Epic Heroes bundle contains adventures for Level 11-20 players. The Epic Heroes bundle includes Invasion from the Planet of Terrasques, a perfect capstone for players that survived the official Dungeon of the Mad Mage adventure released for last year.

All five bundles are heavily discounted, so you'll be getting these great supplements for between 75%-80% off per bundle. In total, you can get hundreds of dollars of Dungeons & Dragons adventures for less than $75! All five bundles are available here.