Here Are The New Features Coming To Xbox One Soon

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(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft has revealed what new features are coming to Xbox Insiders, and then presumably regular Xbox One users not long after.

As you would expect from a console this late in its lifespan, there's nothing too major being added to the system, but there's a considerable amount of quality of life fixes that should go a long way in making the experience of using your Xbox One better.

For starters, Xbox Game Pass Quests have been streamlined for those that interact with the feature on the growing service from Microsoft. More specifically and according to Microsoft, you will be able to access quest progress directly from the dash and browse all quests from "My Profile."

In addition to streamlining Xbox Game Pass Quests, Microsoft is aiming to streamline messages on the system so you see what matters before the junk. How this will work is by adding a Message Requests feature so messages from your friends and that you want to see pop up in your normal messages, while messages from trolls and people you don't want to communicate with, will file into a Messages Requests tab.

Microsoft has also heard player feedback regarding its virtual keyboard and how difficult it can be to use, which is why it's testing a new mini virtual keyboard option that will allow you to type faster and without it taking up so much screen space.

Another feedback driven change is the option to restart the console being added to the Power Center. With this, you'll be able to access this feature quickly by holding down the Xbox button on the controller to bring up the Power Center instead of having to navigate to it within the System tab. It seems a little crazy it took so long to get this feature, but at least it's finally coming.

An improvement for uninstalling games is also on the way. Currently, when you can't install an app or game or patch due to lack of space, you're sent to your collection and you then choose what to remove. A new suggested uninstall feature will change this by sending you to a page with suggested titles for removal that will free up enough space. Further, once the space is freed up, the install of what you were trying to add to your system, will start automatically.

Lastly, Microsoft is updating the Xbox media remote to allow the OneGuide button to be reprogrammed to launch a media app instead of OneGuide, which should allow you to jump to your favorite app more quickly.


As mentioned above, these features aren't available to general Xbox One users, but after feedback from Insiders, and tweaking, they will be.

Source: Xbox