New 'Destiny 2' Community Summit Happening Soon

Streamers, popular voices, and players from all over are being gathered by Bungie for a summit to better the future of Destiny 2. Since the game launched, though they delivered on their promise for more story - it seems the rest of the game was left in the dust. Pair that with all of the microtransaction controversies and veiled communication, it was definitely a rough time for the team. Since then, they've made incredible to the changes that the community seems to adore alongside their newly found independence separate form Activision. Now... they're pulling in the big guns with a second Community event.

The second Summit will be called the Season of Opulence Community Summit and has been confirmed by several bigger names in gaming. According to a few folks over on Twitter, the latest Summit will kick off on the 27th of this month and will last until the 29th.

Though Bungie hasn't made the official announcement themselves, here's what they had to say about the last Summit attempt:

"Our goals for this gathering are to get people from the community more involved in the way we make games, and to do that sooner in the creative process. We’ll be previewing some of the things we’re working on to gather feedback before they’re locked. Our guests will also play some things that you’ll get your hands on in the coming weeks. We’ve hosted community ambassadors before to see and capture new content, but this ain’t DRE (the Destiny Reveal Event). This gathering is more intimate and more tactical.

"It must be said that it would be absolutely impossible to invite every single person in our community who is insightful or influential. The guest list is not a measure of who is important or who is relevant. For this gathering, we tried to select a good cross-section to represent all kinds of Guardians. Some of them are familiar faces. Others are new voices that we want to know better. Some of them are leaders with large constituencies. Others are solo players we have come to know with strong opinions. We’ve targeted the hardcore elite who have mastered every challenge and the average players with a deep love for the game. We’ve invited cooperative raiders, competitive warriors, lore lovers, and a high-school principal to make sure they all get along."

With the fan reception to the latest overhaul being overwhelmingly positive, we're excited to see what else Bungie and the community has in store! Thoughts on any particular changes you'd want to see? Sound off in the comment section below, ot hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!



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