'Apex Legends' Player Flies Right Through the Creatures at the Edge of the Map

The long-legged creatures that stand in the water surrounding Apex Legends’ map look like they’re a pretty peaceful bunch, but as one player has discovered, they’re not even technically there in a physical sense. By using a newly discovered bug that sends players flying through the air with the help of a supply bin and a few punches, a player soared towards the beasts only to fly right through one as if there was nothing there.

A Reddit who goes by theplake shared the video below that showed what happens when you get close enough to the big creatures that tower over the edges of the map. These creatures just go about their business outside of the map’s boundaries and move about occasionally, and they also don’t allow anyone to land on them, apparently. After launching themselves off the top of a supply bin and aiming towards the big beasts, the players passed right through them and fell out of bounds.

I made it to the giant animals outside of the map but unfortunately you can't land on them from r/apexlegends

The creatures might not really be there, but you can’t fault Respawn Entertainment for not adding a fully tangible version of the dinosaur-like animals around the map. Without using the supply bin bug, it’s hard to imagine someone actually being able to reach the creatures through conventional means, so there’d be no reason to assume someone would ever try to ride one.

If you’re just wondering how the player even managed to reach the creatures in the first place, they used a new bug that’s opening up all kinds of possibilities for players to reach new heights. By punching a supply bin’s lid a few times, the container gets charged up somehow with energy that’s passed onto a player when they jump on the lid. It’s a simple enough bug to recreate that likely won’t be sticking around for long since it lets players reach inaccessible areas, but you can see it in action here to use it yourself before it’s taken out of the game.

Thanks, PCGamesN.



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