Fortnite Reveals First Season 9 Teaser

It’s the week of a new Fortnite season’s start, and if you’ve been playing the battle royale game for at least a few seasons, you’ll know that means a series of teasers will precede it. The first of those has been released right on schedule by Epic Games on Monday just a few days before Season 9 begins, and warns players that “The Future is Unknown.” It also reminded players of the next season’s start date that’s scheduled to take place on May 9th.

The teaser that’s shown below follows the formula of past Fortnite previews for upcoming seasons. It contains a cryptic message and an image of what’s assumed to be one of the unique Battle Pass skins that’ll be unlockable during Season 9. It only shows a portion of the skins, but what’s more interesting is the design that the preview is housed in. Also like past seasons’ teasers before Season 9, it appears as though this first teaser is just part of the whole picture that’ll inevitably be revealed before the next season begins.

Season 8’s teasers culminated in the full image seen here that was revealed prior to the start of the season, for example. It showed off a volcano which appeared on the map during Season 8 and eventually destroyed Tilted Towers, an event that’s been a long time coming now. It’ll be interesting to see how Epic Games deals with the remnants of the popular drop spot now that it’s gone and if the developer will ever give players more chances to bring back vaulted items like the Drum Gun.

The start of the next season is something to look forward to on May 9th for Fortnite players, but it’s not the only event planned for that day. Season 9 will start early in the morning, assuming Epic Games sticks to its typical update schedule, but later in the day, Sony will be holding a new State of Play stream to discuss its upcoming PlayStation games.



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