Fortnite Brings Back the Drum Gun

Fortnite’s big Unvaulting has finally taken place within the game to bring about the destruction of parts of the map and other changes. Within the event was an interesting opportunity players hadn’t been presented with before: The chance to bring back an item that’s been vaulted by Epic Games. Players voted on what they wanted to have in the game, and they chose to bring back the Drum Gun.

Following the event that, like others, only lasted a brief time and is now gone if you missed it, Epic Games tweeted from the Fortnite account to confirm that the Drum Gun will be brought back to the game. It’s also been confirmed that the Drum Gun won’t be in the Fortnite World Cup events taking place this weekend, so competitive players won’t have to adjust their strategies to account for the returning weapon.

The video below shows what happened during the Unvaulting, and as you can see or any player who attended it can attest to, it was quite the show. Players were transported to a different area where some strange events started occurring. Aside from bringing back one vaulted item that players chose, the event also resulted in several parts of the map being destroyed by the volcano that loomed over the map during this season. The leaks prior to the event proved to be accurate since Tilted Towers has now finally been destroyed.

Fortnite players will be able to use the Drum Gun in-game now that it’s been unvaulted during the event, but if you missed the happenings yourself, you can relive them through videos like the one above. Players are no doubt already exploring the map to see what’s new now that the event has presumably ended, so expect some surprises to be uncovered soon.



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