It Look Like Sega is Making A New Super Monkey Ball Game

super monkey ball
(Photo: Sega)

We need more Super Monkey Ball. This has always been the case, and it will forever be true. Science says you can't ever have too much Super Monkey Ball. Unfortunately, Sega doesn't seem to agree. Not only has it put the series on the backburner recently, but when it does resurface, it's another middling mobile game. Thankfully, the dark, Monkey Ball-less days may almost be over, because it looks like Sega is making a new one.

Recently, Sega trademarked Super Monkey Ball "Tabegoro" in Japan. For those that don't speak Japanese: "Tabegoro" means "ripe" or "okay to eat." Obviously, the English version of the game would tweak the translation a bit, but that's what it means.

As you may know, Monkey Ball first appeared on the scene back in 2001 via arcades. But it wasn't until later that year the series came to GameCube as Super Monkey Ball that it started to become a cult-hit. To date, the series has seen a total 18 releases. But not all of these games came west, and a lot of them weren't fully-fledged Monkey Ball experiences.

The question is: are Sega making a new mobile game or an actual console Super Monkey Ball title? Who knows. Unfortunately, the trademark doesn't divulge any further insight. It's probably the former, but there's a chance it could be the latter. Just think about it: a proper new Super Monkey Ball on Nintendo Switch. Who cares what other games are in development if there's a new Super Monkey Ball for Nintendo Switch in the pipeline. Half-Life 3? Who cares. A new Grand Theft Auto? Yawn. Left 4 Dead 3? Never heard of her. Super Monkey Ball on Nintendo Switch? Game of the century.

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