Fortnite Season 8 Recap Videos Are Now Available, Here's How to Get Yours

Fortnite has moved on to a new era of futuristic locations and new features as Season 9 is well underway. Even though Season 8 and its Battle Pass and numerous events are behind us, players can still relive that season through the recap videos that are now available for those who are eligible. These videos show different stats from the past season including things like the player’s favorite skin, how much time they spent riding around in a Baller, and other interesting facts.

If you’re interested in getting your own personal Season 8 recap video, all you have to do is head here and login to get a video that you can then download or share on social media. To get that video though, you’ll have to meet certain requirements that can no longer be met if you didn’t qualify for the video in Season 8. Only players who owned the Season 8 Battle Pass and completed at least 20 weekly challenges will get a video. Each recap will look a bit different since they’re personalized for individual players’ stats, Epic Games said.

“A collection of your best moments, personal milestones and fun gameplay facts from Fortnite!” Epic Games said on the site where you’ll find your video if you’re eligible. “Everyone's video is different and built specifically for you. The Season recap video covers stats including the number of Victory Royales you earned, players eliminated, favorite landing spot, best mate and more.”


Players are already starting to receive and share their videos online to show what their Season 8 stats look like. Some of those can be seen below as players have their stats highlighted to show how many planes they shot down and how many player-made creations they experimented with in the game’s Creative mode.

Fortnite’s Season 8 recaps are now available, and you can get yours here if you qualify.