Pokemon Go Teases Team Rocket Event

Team Rocket may be invading Pokemon Go very soon. Last weekend, Pokemon Go players attended Pokemon Go Fest, a four day live event featuring rare Pokemon and a Special Research Quest involving the mythical Pokemon Jirachi. As part of this year's event, players needed to find Pokemon via "photobombing," a relatively new feature involving the AR+ camera feature. When players take photos of their Pokemon using the AR+ feature, a Pokemon will occasionally photobomb them and appear in the shot after its taken. For Pokemon Go Fest, players had to track several of these photobombing Pokemon down in order to awake Jirachi from its sleep.

However, attendees noticed that Pokemon weren't the only things photobombing their shots during the event. Near the end of each day, Team Rocket members would spontaneously photobomb players shots, often looking surprised that they were spotted. While many assumed that this was just an Easter egg for attendees, a newsletter sent out after the event was over referenced the Team Rocket photobombs and hinted that it could be a sign of things to come.

Players have wanted a Team Rocket event for a while, and it looks like they might finally get their wish. While it's unclear what a Team Rocket event would entail, there is code for special Trainer Battles that could be used for a Team Rocket event. In addition, Pokemon Go also tested a "multi-thousand" person raid at Pokemon Go Fest by having Sunday's attendees participate in a simultaneous Meowth raid to test the game's server capabilities.


Now that Pokemon Go has a ton of different features and options for players, all it's missing is a central storyline of some kind. A Team Rocket invasion would be the perfect way to re-kindle interest in a game, especially if it involved spontaneous takeovers of gyms or PvE battles of some kind.

What do you want to see out of a Team Rocket event? Let us know in the comment section!