Pokemon Go Announces Ultra Bonus Perks

Pokemon Go players will enjoy three weeks of bonuses and perks for completing this summer's Global Challenges. Earlier this morning, Pokemon Go announced new details about the game's upcoming Ultra Bonus rewards, which were unlocked for completing three Global Challenges that took place over the summer. Each Global Challenge was tied to a different Pokemon Go Fest and required players to complete a total of 48 million field research tasks over the course of 12 days. The Ultra Bonus rewards will be split into three parts, beginning on September 2nd.

Week 1 of the event begins on September 2nd and will involved increased spawns of Pokemon from the Johto region. Players can also hatch Pokemon not usually found in eggs during this phase of the event. In Week 2, which starts on September 2nd, Pokemon "from across the globe" will join in the celebration, which seems to hint that regional-exclusive Pokemon will start appearing worldwide. Also a Mythical Pokemon will make an appearance in raid battles during this week. Week 3's events begin on September 16th involves regional-exclusive Pokemon from the Kanto region, and the appearance of "unusual" Pokemon. The announcement strongly teases that Pokemon from the Unova region (first seen in Pokemon Black and White).


The announcement is deliberately vague, but it looks like players will have a chance to capture some regional-exclusive Pokemon before beginning their quest to capture a whole new batch of Pokemon coming to the game. More details about the event will be announced on August 20th, but it seems that this summer will be ending with some big perks and surprises for Pokemon Go players.

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