League of Legends Is Holding Another Clash Test Soon

League of Legends players who’ve been asking where Clash is now have an answer as another test tournament has been announced. This one’s taking place in North America, and it’s happening very soon. Riot Games said the next Clash competition will open its team creation phase soon on August 19th with the actual games taking place the following weekend. Those who participate being awarded loot boxes and other Clash-related awards for taking part.

A post on the League of Legends site provided the details of the upcoming Clash tournament that’ll officially begin on August 24th. The first of two one-day tournaments will take place on that Saturday with another one following it on Sunday. League players who have been following the development of Clash will recall that Riot Games opted last month to host two one-day tournaments instead of one tournament that spanned three days. That new tournament format will be utilized during August’s Clash tests.

“Rather than one three-day tournament, we’re changing Clash weekends to be two separate one-day tournaments,” Riot said. “This significantly reduces the complexity of the tournaments, making it easier to repair brackets or matches that end up breaking for whatever reason. There will be 8-team brackets on both days, and your team can enter on one or both days.”

One of the other systems that’s being tested during this test is “Bracket Recoverability.” During previous Clash tests, teams who had their games dropped during the tournament or encountered other issues were often unable to get back into a game which threw off the whole structure of the tournament.


“With the tournament structure simplified, we’re building in additional bracket repair tech to help fix any issues that crop up over the course of a given tournament,” Riot continued. “If your opponent disconnects before the match, for example, we can try to repair your bracket by substituting in another team for your first match.”

Any player who wants to participate in this upcoming test will have to be at least Honor Level 2 and will need to have finished their ranked placement matches. Those who participate will get loot boxes, an icon, and victory points which are needed to unlock loot from the Clash mode.