Pornhub Slams Fortnite's "The End" Event With Hilarious NSFW Tweet

Fortnite fans saw the beginning of "The End" today, after the in-game event to close out Season 10 had a surprising amount of significance. The event culminated in the entire Battle Royale map - and any players who attempted to log into it - being swallowed up by a digital black hole. The game has been offline for over six hours now, but some fans have been keeping a close eye on the black hole, with over 45,000 viewers (at the time of this writing) still tuned in to the official live stream on Twitter. Whether or not you're one of those people, the idea of that has endured some hilarious responses -- including one from Pornhub. The adult entertainment website took to Twitter on Sunday to comment on the black hole watchers in a rather NSFW way, which you can check out below.

Even prior to this hilarious tweet, Pornhub and Fortnite have had a unique relationship with each other, as the video game was searched for pretty frequently on the video aggregate. Fortnite was ultimately one of the top searches on Pornhub for last year, alongside everything from Spider-Man to Bowsette.

The black hole was the culmination of some pretty unexpected in-game moments in the "The End" event, which originally began on Sunday afternoon. Anyone who was in the game (or watching via a live stream) saw a rocket shoot into the sky from near Dusty Depot, leading to a meteor and smaller rockets crashing down around the map. Players were then shot through the air to the outskirts of the map, before the black hole wiped everything out of existence. To make matters more ominous, the game's official social media account, as well as its presence on the streaming platform Twitch, were essentially wiped clean shortly after.


Many have assumed that the black hole is a way to conceal Fortnite's several hours of downtime, as the game prepares for the launch of Season 11. If recent rumors and leaks are any indication, there's a chance that the new season could spawn a completely new map or even a new "chapter" of the game. It remains to be seen whether or not that ends up being the case (and how long the downtime ends up being) as a recent leak seemed to suggest that the black hole could last for days.

What do you think of Pornhub's take on Fortnite's black hole? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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