Fortnite Vanishes From Twitch After "The End" Event

Fortnite's latest in-game event just completely blew fans' minds, as the ever-evolving Battle Royale map appeared to vanish in a massive black hole. As with nearly everything that goes on in Fortnite, the event was live-streamed on video platforms such as Twitch -- and it looks like even that was complicated by the massive event. Shortly after the "The End" event occurred on Sunday afternoon, Twitch began to not share any live streams or content related to the game, leaving viewers just looking at a black screen instead. Eventually, everything tied to the game disappeared from Twitch's interface, making it seem as if the game had never existed on the platform.

To an extent, Fortnite not being available on Twitch at the moment makes sense, considering the fact that the game itself is essentially offline. Anyone who attempts to enter the game's lobby is soon sucked into the static video of the black hole, which Fortnite's official social media has also been live streaming for over an hour now. Still, the fact that it's like the game never even existed on Twitch is certainly surprising, especially for anyone who had wanted to watch a stream of the "The End" event after the fact.

There's (understandably) a lot of mystery surrounding this latest in-game event, and in exactly how long fans will have to keep their eye on the black hole before the game returns online. Many have assumed that the black hole is a way to conceal the game's several hours of downtime, as it prepares for the launch of Season 11. If recent rumors and leaks are any indication, there's a chance that the new season could spawn a completely new map or even a new "chapter" of the game, which would justify this significant amount of downtime.


(At very least, those who are still watching the black hole from inside the lobby can use the "Konami cheat code" to unlock a fun little mini-game.)

What do you think of Fortnite essentially being wiped away from Twitch? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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