After 28 Years, This 1991 Nintendo Calendar Is Usable Again With The Weirdest Character Designs Ever

Ready to take the ultimate trip down memory lane? One long-time Nintendo fan shared their 1991 calander featuring all of our favorite classics and after 28 long years - it's finally usable as the dates line up once more! Just ... brace yourselves. Some of the earlier designs are ... "unique".

1991 Nintendo Calendar

Reddit user 'Otakulad' shared their classic Nintendo throwback and even showed off every single month and how it was designed. Be sure to click the arrows in the post above to scroll through the images in order to see all of the different designs - though that Samus one is hard to both miss and to forget.

The comment section quickly filled up with reactions based upon some of the earlier designs, but some said it was just too "ugly" to handle. One user mentioned, "Not really the most practical calendar for being able to easily see how many weeks are in the current month, or to have room to write notes under certain days. I'm flabbergasted they designed it that way, even if it is so unique."

That being said, keep in mind that this most likely was designed with younger people in mind - writing out a day-to-day itinerary isn't exactly the highlight of every kid's day so the spatial issue probably wasn't so much of an issue back in the day.

Another Redditor hilariously responded, "I was going to call this "off-model the calendar" but then I remembered it's from '91. They didn't give as much of a shit back then."


Whether you love it or you hate it, one thing is certain: The designs are definitely unique. From a collector standpoint, how cool would it be to whip this out once more 28 years later and use it just as usefully as the year it came out? It's a pretty amazing blast from the past, even if we can't stop staring at Samus ...

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