New Aliens Game in the Works from Westworld, The Walking Dead Game Creators

Another new game set in the Alien universe is in the works from game developer Survios and 20th Century Fox, the pair announced this week. As one might've expected given the Alien origins, the game will be an action-horror title and will be single-player, too. Details about the project are scarce at this time, but the new Alien title which currently does not have a known name is scheduled to make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con during a panel focusing on Alien universe where more aspects of the game will be discussed.

The first details pertaining to this new game were shared in a press release on Thursday discussing the upcoming title. While it's indeed based on the Alien universe, the game was referred to throughout as an "Aliens" title. That Alien vs. Aliens distinction is an important one both in terms of the movies and the game's we've seen in the past with the "Aliens" name skewing more towards action at time given that it typically hints at multiple Alien threats to deal with as opposed to more imposing singular threats like the one in Alien: Isolation. The relatively new Aliens: Fireteam game, for example, featured waves upon waves of enemies and was a co-op shooter.

But again, we don't know much about this game yet, so those are just observations based on what we've seen in the past. What we do know beyond its genre and the single-player nature of the game is that it'll be developed for consoles and PC platforms as well as for virtual reality.

For those unfamiliar with Survios, the studio has worked in the past on games like Westworld: Awakening as well as The Walking Dead: Onslaught and Creed: Rise to Glory. All of those are VR experiences based on the associated properties.

TQ Jefferson, the chief product officer at Survios, said the Aliens franchise is a "perfect" fit for what the studio has done in the past.

"When I joined Survios in 2020, it was to build bigger, more ambitious games, using the best entertainment franchises across console, PC, and VR platforms," said TQ Jefferson, Chief Product Officer at Survios. "Aliens is a distinct and terrifying world that fans love to be entrenched in, and it is perfect for Survios' proven expertise in creating immersive gaming experiences."

More about the game will be discussed during the ALIEN: Expanding a Dark and Frightening Universe panel scheduled to take place at San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st. In the meantime, a website for the game is also live here.